About Us

Welcome to Heartbeat2Go! We offer a holistic approach to wellness – helping you be your best physically, mentally, and spiritually. We have a robust online library of traditional and non-traditional dance, fitness, and yoga classes plus new classes are added every week! All classes are available on-demand, when you need them, and taught by professionally trained instructors from our popular Los Angeles studio!

Perfect for the busy individual, our classes are 20-30 minutes. Get a quick workout in or double up your classes for the day. Mix and match and try new things!

Along with workouts, tap into our wellness offerings! Included in your membership are monthly personal development guides, coaching worksheets, videos, and meditations to help you meet your goals.

No matter where you are in the world, what phase of life you’re in, how coordinated or fit you may or may not be, join our fun instructors and creative offerings to feel, be, and shift into the best YOU yet…


Our Background…

Heartbeat 2 Go is an extension of our brick and mortar studio Heartbeat House, which has been a part of the Atwater Village community in Los Angeles for over 15 years. In 2010, Kumbi took over as studio owner and has continued to help us grow and expand to where we are today. In 2017 Laura became studio manager. Since then she and Kumbi have worked to develop an online studio that’s both convenient and transformational.



Passionate about… supporting and inspiring people to love themselves!
Happiest when… watching a sunset.
Current favorite workout… 25min HIIT
Biggest challenge… overscheduling myself!



Laura/Studio Manager/Instructor

Passionate about… helping others learn to listen to and trust themselves.
Happiest when…in nature.
Current favorite workout… Barre Sculpt & Stretch
Biggest challenge… analysis paralysis


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